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Revised March schedule…..

  The cancellation bug has hit hard…..almost as hard as the fronts to start March. The weather doesn’t look all that bad going forward. Drop me a line if any of these open dates look interesting. I’m ready to turn this March around in short order.     Jay

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March coming in like a…..

…..lion. Another brutal front is at our doorstep tonight. All of my trips from tomorrow through Monday have been canceled/rescheduled. Today was beautiful though and was great to start the day not wearing gortex from head to toe. The fishing today in my boat was anything, but spectacular. We worked hard and tried everything we had minus a rattle trap. …

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March continues …..

…to be tough as nails. 80 degrees today? Not even close. We started out guns blazing much like yesterday with bites nearly every cast. Walrus bites? Lol….nah they were of the small variety, but still was fun. After our initial bonanza things slowed down to a halt. Pretty much the same recipe from yesterday and much like yesterday it didn’t …

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11 fish day with John and Rebecca

Nothing over 3 lbs today. This tough stretch continues and so does the terribly cold weather. We are supposed to hit 80 degrees the next two days. I’ll believe that when I see it.

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John and the Carolina Queen day 1

I wish there was a way to sugar coat how bad the fishing has been the last 6 days and today was certainly no exception. These last two fronts have hurt my bite more than any of the other fronts combined. A week ago we saw 70 degree water temps. A week later most of the lake is struggling to …

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A schedule ERROR

I was checking all of my stuff this morning and realized I had a scheduling conflict. (I keep three schedule copies…..hard copy, cell phone, and my website schedule) We have everything at 100% now. Please if you see something on my schedule that doesn’t match what you have call me ASAP. Here is a look at the correct March schedule. …

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My last trip for February 2015…..

…certainly didn’t go out with a bang, but rather a snot rocket or 13.     What a crock of shit. Do you see the “feels like” temperature? 34?….. No#$%&ing way. More like -34 and that was at 1 this afternoon! I took a pic of Dr. Jack this morning waiting for his first bite.   This February was the …

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Called into action!

Brandon and Vernon read my report this morning and saw that I had a cancelation today so they shot me a text to see I would take em out. Man am I glad they did. I just wish I could of done more for em. The last two hours today were pretty good and at one point I was confident …

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Dr. Jack’s full day and a FRIENDLY public service announcement

Today was a straight up disappointment let there be no doubt. It was not for a lack of effort or gas money, but today sucked. We caught 12 fish (+/-) and not one single bite worth a rudy toot poot. We caught two that might and I do mean might of hit 4 lbs. The rest? 2.5 lbs and under. …

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Dr. Jack is back! Big Ben’s 10 lber and Linda with a mini W

Dr.J made it to Zapata around 1 pm this afternoon. He drove in from Oklahoma and most of you know the weather between Oklahoma and here has been brutal. I’m glad he made it here safely. He has some stories from his journey that I won’t even talk about….lol, the things we do to catch a green fish. I got …

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