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Major success today…..

…..17 fish caught from 8:30 to 1:00. All under 4 lbs, but only one real dink. So why the major success? Let’s talk about it. I ran to a creek mid lake to try and get on a few fish in there and I zeroed…..yep. ZIP NADA….not even a bite. From there I hit a favorite off shore spot of …

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Add today to the list of…….

…..grrrrrreat days to be alive on Falcon Lake and to spend it with Mr. Steve and his friend Jim was just icing on the cake. I thought we had a damn good day to be honest. Probably not quite to the standards of Mr. Steve, but in my eyes we did dang good including a walrus coming unglued beside the …

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Whack a ………..

……..   nah, not whack a mole, but whack a bass. Good grief we caught the heck out of em today, but and here’s the BIG BUT. They had three straight up walruses break em off. Just brutal……I could not have felt worse about the whole thing, especially the one that was in the damn net. Hey…..don’t kill the net guy …

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No pre front Falcon Lake magic today…..

Hit the water for a few hours before this Northern blew in and man what a difference a day makes. We whacked em as good as you can whack em here on Falcon yesterday. Today’s 3 hours produced 5 bites and 2 dinks. We did see a guy in a white Phoenix land a walrus though. Congrats to those fellas……I was going …

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A Falcon Lake Photobomb

  What a straight up USDA choice Falcon Lake WALRUS. Not gonna lie…..I really wanted that thing to hit 10 pounds, but she hit the scales at 9.57. Today was a great day for quality 3 to 4.5 fish. Did we catch our fair share of dinks? Sure….just enough to keep us practiced up and alert. I don’t know how …

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Called into action!

Got a phone call this morning from George and Robert. They had a few hours to kill this afternoon and wanted me to take em out. We got the fish in short order, but most of the fish were bucks. I did catch 4 females, but all four were the same size. (I weighed the last one for shits and …

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Boat ramp Brad’s half day…..

Just now getting around to writing yesterdays report. Got the case of the LAZYs last night to be honest. We launched here on the North end of the lake and even though Brad could only fish a half day I still ran him all over the lake and showed him as much as I could. We talked a lot and …

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Elmo and Sil February 2015 edtition…..

Stats on the day: 5 hours fished 11 bass caught 4 on squarebill 3 on spinnerbait 4 on baby brush hog 5 lb big(I caught it on sq bill)…..a lot of dinks 3 lbs and under….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay under.   Thanks again for another fun trip Sir Elmo.   I picked up a job at the boat ramp two days ago. Brad …

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Mark, Robby, Mark, Nick, GW, and last, but certainly not least…..

….Mike. Thanks men and I’m glad everyone had a good time. All three boats certainly had their moments of glory, laughs, and opportunity over the last three days. In the end that’s all you can hope for. What a great group of fellas…..having fun is a way of life for those guys.   Fishing stats: 20 bites or so 11 …

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14 boated with a 6.76 kicker….

That title doesn’t do today justice. We had 6 big bites and boated just the one. We found a drain that had some pre-spawn fatties laying in it, but they didn’t want to leave without a fight and fight they did. One of the break offs was my fault no question about it. I told G.W. to boat flip a …

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