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A nice 4 day break in the action

I opted to stay off the water over the Easter Holiday. We had our last (hopefully) Northern blow in Saturday and Sunday was spent with the family finding a few eggs and a couple of baskets. An explanation or 80 of what and why Easter is Easter was also on the menu. Monday and Today? Did a lot of paperwork …

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The Father/Son duo from Austin battle a tough Falcon Lake

Had a great time today with Terry and Bassmaster Bob. The fishing was less than spectacular yet again, but these guys didn’t let that bother them one bit. We all caught fish and we all lost couple as well. No 12 inch dinks, but no walruses today either. We had a few fish that I would of liked to have …

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Breaking fish off…. and a Mexico discussion

  …..that pic pretty much sums it up around these parts today. I have been getting Mexico calls, texts and an email after the last very much sub par trip over there. I also got an email today from a gentleman in Houston that wanted to know what the deal was with my boat having so many break-offs this year. …

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Casey scores first ever Largemouth Bass on Falcon Lake

  It’s not too often I get folks that catch their first bass on my boat, but when it does happen it sure is cool. I am looking forward to Casey breaking his personal best many times over in the not so distant future. Today was once again pretty dang stingy out there. The last time Don was down he …

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March 2015….In like a lion and out with a Brockenhammer

I struggle at times writing this report. I refuse to sugar coat or lie about the happenings down here on the border. Has this approach cost me some jobs? You bet your ass it has. What I am about to write about this past guide trip to Sugar Lake will probably cost me some jobs in the not so distant …

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A big bag of freakin MEH

Falcon Lake…..come on man. I could barely sleep last night with dreams of walruses dancing in my head. I picked up The Candy Man and Captain Carry at the buttcrack of O’dark thirty. We made a direct B-line for the walrus hole…..aaaaaaaaand drum roooooll. (Insert fart noise) Luckily these two men are seasoned Falcon Lake and fishing vets. They have …

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A scouting run with “The Fish Whisperer”

I called Gary last night and told him to meet me at the dock with his boat and we would go run some water together. To say it paid off would be a mild understatement. I am very much looking forward to tomorrow’s guide trip with Cary and “The Candy Man”……then? It’s my Boyzzzzzzz from Illinoiszzzzzzzzz. Feels like it’s been …

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Pops is kicking some ASS!…….

I have been nervous in the service the past month or so waiting for my Dad’s hip surgery D-Day. Yesterday was the day and I am happy to report he is doing well. He is by no means out of the woods as he has a looooong road of therapy ahead of him. I spoke to him this morning and …

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That’s as tough a day as you can have on any lake in the country. My first spot sucked and we had very manageable winds for it. I did get on some fish, but by the time I did the wind was gusting 20 plus. It is what it is…..I have tomorrow and Friday off due to the terrible weather …

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Back on Falcon

Took out JC and Bob today for a lil Falcon Lake action. We got into the fish and were straight whacking em. I lost a straight stud walrus on a spinnerbait about 10 feet from the boat. That was our only big bite of the day unfortunately. We also had to leave the area we were whacking em in. We …

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