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A fun day with Sir James

I hit the water mid morning with James from Falcon Lake Tackle. Hey I’m not going to lie to you all……it’s an excuse to get out of the house and shoot the shit, giggle, laugh and catch a few fish to boot. We fished a few areas that I had not been in since the end of February, first part …

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Charlie and the Bass Factory……

What a day…….   These last two days have been nothing short of spectacular. Charlie earned a day like today. He could do no wrong. I have no idea how many fish he caught…..I tried to keep up, but there were several periods throughout the day where the fish catching just got silly. I do not have another job on …

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Charlie and Jack do work on Falcon Lake

    …….and a walrus to boot. I almost didn’t take a pic of the fish as I caught it, but Charlie and Jack wanted to take a pic with her. I’m glad they did now. She was beautiful and deserved a pic.   I stuck this fish and Charlie asked do you need a net? She came out of …

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Sugar Lake scouting trip……Charlie is BACK!!!!

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Sugar Lake. It sure was fun to get back down there. My last trip was back in April with Vaughn and Sir Brockinhammer. Sugar at that time was gaining an insane amount of water and changed dramatically from my March trip. I have been wanting to get back to Sugar for a few months, …

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U2 comes to mind…..

  What an incredible day to be alive and on Falcon Lake. I had 3 goals for today’s trip……   1.) Get the new lefty reels I just bought dialed in. Mission accomplished and you all know I don’t pimp any products(or very few) because I pay for my stuff just like everyone else. I’m sponsored by my hard work and …

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An eventful start to August…..

As most of you know I have been holding off the Mrs. for months in regards to buying a new car. Well…….I gave in over the weekend and we picked up a new Mustang 5.0 GT. Hey at least it wasn’t the Cobra. Here are a few pics of the new ride.     It was a bittersweet day for …

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A wonderful July of 2015

What a month and sad to see end. We started out…..   With a lil of…….   and…….     last, but certainly not least we go out with a Joe…..     Bring on August! I’m ready.   Jay

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Falcon Lake goes vintage…..

What a fantastic day on Falcon Lake with Teo. We whacked em and more 2-4 lb fish than you could shake an ugly stick at. We had 3 walrus opportunities and one of those opportunities was without question a 10 plus lb mega walrus and if I were betting? I would move all in on that fish hitting 11 lbs. …

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THIS is a beautiful picture…..

  Look at those wind speeds……   Pretty excited to say the least. I have Teo on the books for Thursday and it will be fun to launch the boat here on the North end of the lake and not have to worry about 3 foot swells before leaving the Veleno.   Jay  

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Charlie goes out smacking and stacking…..

Charlie’s Falcon Lake walrus record after today is still 0-2. Neither of us had a Wally bite, but boy did we catch an insane amount of fish and had a great time doing it. Yesterday we stuck with the traps all day from 10 foot to 1 foot. Today we caught fish from 27 ft to 2 ft and just about everywhere …

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