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THIS is a beautiful picture…..

  Look at those wind speeds……   Pretty excited to say the least. I have Teo on the books for Thursday and it will be fun to launch the boat here on the North end of the lake and not have to worry about 3 foot swells before leaving the Veleno.   Jay  

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Charlie goes out smacking and stacking…..

Charlie’s Falcon Lake walrus record after today is still 0-2. Neither of us had a Wally bite, but boy did we catch an insane amount of fish and had a great time doing it. Yesterday we stuck with the traps all day from 10 foot to 1 foot. Today we caught fish from 27 ft to 2 ft and just about everywhere …

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At 11:24 PM…..Charlie got the itch and picked up the phone

Let this be a lesson folks…… is…………   I told Charlie to get on down here and let’s go whack on em. I had Charlie earlier this year in March and if you remember March it was a crazy rollercoaster of month that saw a little bit of everything. Charlie caught a pretty tough day back in March, but still …

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A fantastic start to July…….

I don’t know where to even start to be honest. I got to go up North to hang out with my folks and the highlight of my July is the pic below.   My Pennsylvania/Ohio trip was nothing short of spectacular. I got to spend every single day with Mom and Dad. It had been a year since the last …

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What a fun June…..

Could not of had a better day part deux and the catching was great.     Chris was catching em 2 at a time!     I caught a Jr. Walrus as well….   June is/has always been one of my favorite months here on Falcon Lake and it didn’t disappoint this year either. Thanks for the jobs Chris, take …

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What a beautiful day on Falcon Lake Texas

  …..and man did we whack on em early with some nice quality for a change. (2 – 4.5 lbs) Our first two spots were money and then our last 5 were anything but. Chris went buck wild crazy on em last year offshore with me. After our jungle efforts in the morning he wanted to try and re-live the …

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Just got off the phone with Chris! The weekend is booked up.

The last time Chris was here he had the best day of fishing he’s ever had. (end of August) Here’s the link to the write-up.   …..and below are the kind words from Chris after his experience. Been looking forward to his return.   Submitted on 2014/09/01 at 12:02 am Man that was the best fishing trip of …

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Elmo’s back!

Elmo made a last minute stop here on Falcon after a loooooong break in the action. He brought down a childhood friend of his with him for the festivities. We started the day whacking on em pretty good……now they were mostly small and when I say small I’m talking this year spawn small. I made a long run to the …

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Back down to Earth today….

Had a father/son combo today and they caught a windy son of a gun here on Falcon Lake, but we still managed to get where we wanted to get. Problem was that the fish were less than cooperative, especially fish over 15 inches. My man Thomas did set a new record though.     Don’t worry folks……that trophy is …

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171 fish(+/- 1 or 2) with 7 lb 11 oz kicker

  I’m serious…..we went from 5 fish yesterday to well over 100 today. Heck my man Bill caught 100+ on his own today. There is no punch line folks and I am not lying or over exaggerating. Just a silly day here on Falcon Lake. The only knock? The size left a lot to be desired, but after the 5 …

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