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Billy Bob Thornton and Dora Dora the Explorer do Sugar Lake.

It was a challenging three days to say the least. If you remember Wayne and Victoria were supposed to head to Sugar with me a couple weeks back, but I got scared by the 25+ mph wind forecasts. As it turned out those winds never hit and they would of had a wonderful couple of days with very little wind. …

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35 mph winds, 26 fish, 2 walruses, 20 dinks…..

……on Falcon Lake. Yes I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Seth and his Uncle David win the iron man award for 2016 so far. I’m serious….the wind blew and I mean it blew HARD. We had very few options to fish and these guys never waivered and never quit firing away. Seth had the opportunity at an elite …

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A tough @#$*ing day on Falcon Lake…….

…….oops I meant Sugar Lake. Man is that tough to say, but it’s true. It’s been three months since I had a bad trip on Sugar and boy did I straight up lay an egg for Clay.   Told ya. I have excuses that I could use, but man I hate excuses especially when I know I got Clay into some …

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Tim and James take detour and head to paradise for the day.

Tim and James were supposed to spend the day on Falcon today. We got down to the Dam and the Sugar Express wouldn’t let me hang a right at the blinking light. It was on cruise control and before you knew it we were at Sugar Lake.          You ever have a day where you could do no wrong? …

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A tough break for Clay

I got a text at 5:30 this morning and it was Clay. He was broken down along the road and not able to make it for his one day Sugar trip. We were both bummed out to say the least as today was a PERFECT weather day. My Sunday Falcon trip is canceled now due to wind, but I believe Clay …

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OOPS……David does it again.

  “An 11-15 will do that to a man. David has broke his personal best with me 4 different times over his trips down here. I think he does it again this trip. What? You say that I’m crazy? Tune in Thursday night to find out!……”   That’s the quote………here’s the fish.   Here is a look at this MEGA …

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David is BACK!!!

  How good is Sugar Lake right now? David drove all the way from Colorado to Zapata…….again. He was here about a month ago and could not stop thinking of getting back on Sugar, but who can blame him?   An 11-15 will do that to a man. David has broke his personal best with me 4 different times over …

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The mailman delivers, but Ryan steals the show with NEW personal best!

Justin has been chomping at the bit to get down here and whack on some Sugar Lake walruses. Over the past week or so I heard 71 times that if I put him on the fish he would “DELIVER”…….30 minutes into day 1 “The mailman” was 0 for his first 7 attempts. Needless to say Ryan and I were having …

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Beautiful day with less than beautiful results.

Elmo and I started out pretty dang good with bites on nearly every cast. Problem? We were roughly 3 for 11 to start the trip. Elmo had a dang nice fish pull off, but we never saw the fish so who knows. We moved around quite a bit today and just never found a consistent bite that was worth a …

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Elmo “Action” Jackson is in town! Another look at March 2016 schedule

It’s been too long since my man Elmo has been in Zapata, but he’s back and I can’t wait to spend the day with him. We are going to go after some bass, but something tells me that we just might target a few crappie as well. I can’t make any guarantees on the crappie front, but I’ll try and …

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