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Two days in paradise with the Jig Master and the Zara Spook Kid.

  That’s a pic you don’t see everyday here at A bass CHOKING a jig……A BASS CHOKING A JIG. Sorry, I liked saying that so much I had to write it again. I told Hugo that the bass weren’t on jigs. He said nonsense and proceeded to catch the only two Walruses of the trip on… guessed it, a …

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Forgot the clicker, but Chris saves the day

Chris broke out the cellphone “clicker”. I honestly think Chris caught 65 of those fish. That damn baby brush hog of his was unstoppable. Now listen did we catch a shit ton of 0.25 to 2.5 lb fish. Ab so freakin lutely we did…….but we certainly caught our fair share of solid 3 to 3.5 lb keepers too. Check out …

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Clay and Chris put in work

Today wasn’t about catching fish. Clay and Chris are down this weekend to increase their knowledge of Falcon Lake, not just for the upcoming tourney, but also long term as well. Even though today wasn’t about catching fish we still whacked the tar out of em and had damn good time doing it. We had a 23 to 25 lb …

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25 plus mph North wind gusts and schedule updates.

We left the boat on the trailer today. Could we have fished? Yes….would it have been the best use of $500 plus dollars? I don’t think so. I love money, but don’t like feeling like I cheated somebody to get it. April literally has 3 open slots left in it. I don’t think I’m going to book the 24th either. That …

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James is back, hand lining a Jr walrus on Falcon Lake en route to monster 90 fish day with son Ian!

Here’s a look at the clicker.   Here’s a look at the Jr. Walrus hand line…..   Just when I thought I’ve seen it all……lol. Ian throws his drop shot out and says that he has one. He proceeds to reel in the end of a line that had broken. James grabs the broken line and starts to bring it …

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From Chicago to South Padre Islands to Falcon Lake Texas

Quite the vacation for Derek, Shelley, Vern, Judy and Grandson Noah. I took out Judy, Vern and their Son in Law Derek for a 1 day trip on Falcon Lake. 1 day trips are tough. Usually the first day you spend feeling out what your clients enjoy and excel at. The following days you make some adjustments based on the …

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Easter weekend in paradise with my boyzzzzzz

Brock has gone from an 11 year youngster barely able to cast a baitcaster and tee up his own golf ball to a young man that now out drives me easily and can pitch into a Folger’s can more times than not. What a cool experience to see him grow up. Brock is one of them fellas you want your …

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The boyszzzz are back in town

  We played a quick 9 holes at Zapata National. James is at El Salto and Mr. Law is in Abilene….wasn’t the same golfing with just the three of us, but as you can probably tell by the pic a good time was still had. We are off to Sugar in the AM for three days. Operation get Brockenhammer a …

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Day 3 is a cancellation.

I went to the Sunbridge to pick up Ron and Jim. They were ready to roll, but I wanted to be perfectly clear on expectations. Leaving the Valeno wasn’t going to be an option. I actually considered launching the boat behind the Holiday Inn so that we could fish behind the bridge. With that said I damn near F’ed up …

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Day 2…..

…..another dinkfest. I did a little teaching today in the bush. Ron and Jim have a little better understanding of how to attack the jungle for tomorrow, but it certainly won’t be easy with heavy north winds looming.   Here are the two best from 30 feet.   ……and the best from 3 feet.   See you tomorrow from the …

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