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Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2016’

Ground control to Major Daniel…..we are clear for a Falcon Lake MEGA Walrus!

Dan’s first Falcon Lake fish was a memorable one. He just had a really good fish pull off and two casts later the fish of 5 lifetimes was on. The best news? She found her way to the net and the scales. To say I have been snake bit on Falcon that last several years is the understatement of the …

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Ken comes to Falcon Lake Texas and catches his 1st bass…..

……and here it is!   and here is his biggest of the day….   I got into the mix as well today with a solid near miss Falcon Lake walrus.   Back on Falcon Lake manana with a couple of Airplane pilots……   Jay  

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Gary is back and brings Big Bass Bill for his first taste of Sugar Lake Mexico

Stats for the three day trip courtesy of Gary’s clicker……mine? Still not feeling well…   Fish caught: 157 Best five: 32 lbs Kicker: 8.58 lbs   Sugar Lake was not handing out free passes the last three days. Fishing was tough let there be no doubt about that fact. Windy? you bet…..Water on the rise? you bet. Was still great …

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A whack fest at Sugar Lake Mexico, an anniversary, walruses, and new personal bests for Linda and Rocky

So, are you trying to find that perfect anniversary get away with that love of your life?……Linda and Rocky were and as you will see by the smiling faces below, Sugar Lake did not disappoint.   No, No, No, not that Rocky….. THIS Rocky   As the title says….Whack fest at Sugar Lake Mexico and both of these two just …

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A great two day trip comes to an end here on Falcon Lake Texas.

I would classify yesterday as a whackfest and I believe I did. Today? I would not classify it as a whackfest, but we sure did catch a lot of nice quality fish like the ones pictured below.       The 2 to 4 lb fish were much, much more active…..Our biggest went around 6 lbs today. We probably caught …

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Father/son duo of Mark and Jonathan or… eh….Josh tangle with Falcon Lake.

Today was a whackfest up until 1 o’clock. Plastics was the name of the game and we ain’t talkin finesse shtuff either. We talking Magnum.   Big Hogs, Big worms, Big lizards, Big Flukes………did that always translate into BIG fish?   Hey before you go all laughing about our size issues…..we did boat a JR. Walrus.   ……AND   So …

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The world tour part 2 ends on the South end of Falcon Lake in Mr. Jim Mayo’s beautiful 21fx Skeeter.

Our plane hit Laredo Sunday and I was back on the water Monday after a terrific family vacation to Disney. More on that in a bit. Let’s talk Falcon Lake for a moment and more specifically the South end of the lake. I took Jim and Glenda out right before I left for Disney. The mission was to mark up …

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Father/Son duo times 3 take on a challenging Sugar Lake, Mexico.

I want to thank Carlos and Jim for helping me out with this trip on such short notice. Sugar Lake didn’t hand out many free passes today and the fish that the three boats caught were certainly earned. With all that said between the three boats we had well over a hundred fish caught. Walruses?…… not one, not two, not …

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There’s no place like home….There’s no place like home.

The Zara Spook Kid was back in town and he brought Glenda the Good Fisherwoman with him……..   …………….and she was sizzling with the 5 inch senko.   Jim caught plenty of fish too….     The main purpose of the trip was to dial in Jim’s brand new FX21 Skeeter and that mission was certainly accomplished as well. He’s …

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Lonnie is BACK! This time brings Big Bass Bubba with him for three days of Sugar Lake action.

Let’s look at the numbers for the 3 day trip. 175 fish caught 33 lb best five for the trip 7.57 big fish One Mega Walrus bite…..once again we saw a stupid big fish mere feet from the net. Bubba has been looking for that ever elusive DD his whole life and he had one 15 feet from the net. …

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