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Monthly Archive for: ‘December, 2015’

The last day of 2015…..and a big congrats to my man Ray!

…….was spent on Falcon Lake with an awesome Father/Son combo of Bill and John. It was certainly a great way to end 2015. We had roughly 30 bites today and boated about 20 fish. Once again we had to put our hard hats and Gortex on and go to work. We earned every bite and every single fish we caught. …

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Bill and John tackle a cold, tough Falcon Lake

Yesterday we caught a bazillion fish. Today? Yikes……The men from Ohio worked for everything they got. We had one small ditch that really saved our day. I am talking half the width of my boat and it would of been something I would of missed 4 years ago. I threw a trap up in it and thought I got bumped. A …

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A wonderful fishing family from Matamoros Mexico

Heading to our first spot of the day!   Heading to our last spot of the day!   As you can see it was pretty cold out there today. With that said we sure did have a great time, even with our language barriers. I tried to do some teaching and show them how to properly use a spinning reel, but …

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Back to the Dentist and a look at the weather.

Sooooooo do you want to see what not going to the dentist for the last 21 years gets ya?     Yeah that’s about a months worth of work . Nothing major, but there will be a lot of drilling going on. I also have two fractured teeth as well that need some love. Round 1 of a 5 round …

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A Christmas Eve trip for Carl and Austin

Falcon Lake was predictable today. Numbers? Yeah a lot of numbers. I named a point after Austin…….he caught 2,834 in a row off of it. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but we left em biting and who knows how many he caught in a row. I would hear two sounds back there. The click of the spool being …

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An early Christmas present for Sergio and Sergio.

So I head down to the ramp this morning around 10 o’clock and see a young man and his Dad fishing from the dock and bank. I ask the young man if they’re biting and he replied “no man….not a single bite”. Those of you that know me know that I try to talk to as many people as possible …

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Work day on Falcon and My schedule.

The forecast called for 80 degrees and sunny……we got 60’s, rain, and wind. The wind did lay later in the day and we might of hit 70 at the end. Today was all about finding a school of fish bigger than 3 lbs. That goal did not get met. I caught 63 freaking fish and didn’t boat a 3 lb …

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Great time with da crew

  We didn’t get out on the water till about 3 o’clock after a Little Caesars and gas stop. We had planned on fishing mostly for crappie, but the 25 plus mph wind gusts had other plans and we ended up launching at the State Park. I don’t know how many 0.25 to 1.5 lb bass we caught…..a lot and the girlies had …

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Biggie G’s first concert…….

…..and she rocked her French Horn like a champ. She also sung as well. She was a bit disappointed about not landing the solo for the performance, but such is life. Gonna have to shell out some $$ and get her some lessons. The girl who did the solo was pretty freaking impressive to say the least. I’m glad to …

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

  …….and I’ll save the thousand words. I am glad to be back in Zapata after this last 4 day trip.     My boat probably averaged 30 fish a day and did not hit the 6 lb mark any of the 4 days. Here are a couple of doubles that were caught out of my boat.     I …

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