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Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2015’

Tony’s back!…..

…and today he brought down Denny to try and tame Ole Falcon Lake. Today was a strange day. Rain, mist, downpour, sunny, cloudy, sunny again….etc, etc. Our day could of started with a big bang, but we zeroed on our first 4 bites and all were of top notch quality. We only BOATED 1 fish at 1:16 pm. Then Tony …

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Today will go down as the day of the Spinnerbait for 2015.

We caught 1 billion on the blade today. Unfortunately most of these fish were size challenged and fell between 0.58935 pounds and 3.47865 pounds like the two pictured below.   We did get Randy certified today though….. … in Jr. Walrus certified.   Best of luck the rest of the week guys.   Jay  

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The Bass Whisperer

  There he is…..I swear he caught three fish this morning before my trolling motor hit the water. Was silly and he had two other stretches today where every cast was a bite, fish on, or boated. Cliff and I caught fish today, but nothing like Gary. Yesterday it was Scott in the zone and today it was Gary’s turn …

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Scott whips the ole lizard out on Falcon Lake…..

      Russ also got into the big fish act with a Jr. Walrus of his own today.   We didn’t catch any monsters today, but for the first 7 hours most all of our fish were better than 3 lbs with only a couple of dinks mixed in. Our last stop, however, had quite a few of the …

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County to Benevedies to Salinias to Tigers to Blanco to Diablo to River back to County

…..and I made a few main lake stops to check a few offshore goodies. I left nothing in the bag today or gas tank for that matter. Once again the last stop of the day really salvaged an otherwise brutally tough day once again. We had 7 fish heading to the last call for alcohol. We doubled that total at …

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Fun times with the dynamic duo….

Guy and Genifer owned Falcon Lake back in October. Today? Falcon squared up the score. I really did not put together a solid milk run today yet again. Did we all catch fish? Sure, but most of the fish catching came at our last stop of the day. I would of given just about anything to have started there this …

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I’m writing this report from my phone tonight. This one computer thing sucks and the Mrs. has 3,194 reports and evaluations to write up. I tried telling her that my report was more important, but that’s a tough sell. Oh and each of those above mentioned documents are worth roughly $250 to $435 dollars apiece. My report tonight ain’t worth …

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Johnny and Rick the stick……Don’s Walrus Bucks

Well after 3 very good trips out on Falcon a stinker showed up today. Let me leaf through my Excuses Rolodex.   I know what you smart asses out there are thinking…..”no need to go past “B” for bullshit”. There is some truth to that unfortunately, but I will scroll to the “W” and pull the wind card out. I …

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Falcon is a rocking

Don and Tony did some work in the 6 hours they spent on Falcon today. We started out blistering and Don ended the day in Grand walrus fashion. Wish I wasn’t typing this on my phone. Today deserves a better write up. Thanks again for the opportunity men. Jay  

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Another fun day on falcon.

Today started out as cold and rainy as it gets around these parts. By the end of the day the weather was nothing shy of spectacular. I was supposed to have worked today, but we decided to shuffle the day to Thursday. I have never had so many re-bookings, cancelations, and bookings in such a short period of time. My …

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