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Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2014’

16 fish in a two hour stretch, but…

…..8 fish in the other 6 hours. Falcon is in a bit of transition right now after all that rain and weather we dealt with over the weekend. Here’s Waggy with a nice Falcon chunk from today.

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Doc and I had pretty good bounce back day. Most of our day was spent South of marker 3 and we found the fish much more active with the exception of our trip to the Salinias. Folks if you are coming down do not waste your time heading to the backs of these creeks. They aren’t there…..yet. We caught all …

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Falcon Lake with my Boyz….

Wish I could write that we boated 100 fish with 17 walruses, but that would be a lie and to be honest the fishing wasn’t that good today. It hasn’t been good since the last front blew on through yesterday with the buckets upon buckets of rain that came with it. Again we caught 20 some odd fish, but man …

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One day…..two trips

I haven’t had a guide trip since the end of August and today I ran two. Lol…. The first trip wasn’t planned, but I felt bad about them getting no showed and took em out for a few hours in the morning. They were most comfortable with spinning gear, so I took them to El Tigre and taught em how …

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80% chance…..

….of rain over the next two days, but I would give the % about a .0008 of actually catching any water worth noting. The lake is up about a foot over the past 10 to 14 days and I am certainly not going to complain about that. I hit the water today with Mr. Steve. I had a section of …

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Drop shots, 6xds, and Tigers

It has been a while since my last post. I had only been on the water to check water clarity and to run my boat etc. I got out early this morning with the intent of running to Tigers and working the heck out of it. I spent 3 and a half hours in ole El Tigre and boated 31 …

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Damn Dam…..

… a fish factory. We started there today and we could of caught 100 fish. Why didn’t we? Well, we just got tired of catching 0.5 to 3 lb fish. That’s the honest answer. Now listen, is it fun catching so many fish? Sure….it’s like going to that new lake in Mexico called Picachos. That lake from what I hear …

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The fishing just continues to impress me

Tommy called me this morning and asked me to hit the water with him today. I wanted to take out my 521vx today and run it through it’s paces with the new jackplate, but he was already loaded up and wanted to run his boat today. Tommy and I have been on the same page with Falcon for a while …

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A full weekend of football

My favorite time of year with fall and football in the air. I have not been on the water the last few days. Been busy getting the z522 ready to roll since getting it back. I did talk to a fisherman who caught a 9 pounder two days ago. Sounded like a lot of fun…..he was pitching timber here on …

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golf and z522 is ready for the busy season ahead

Finally got a chance to hit the course with Tommy today. It’s been months since our last trip. He’s been working dang near everyday and I have been all over the country, doing the Daddy Day Care gig, and working a bit myself. We had the typical great time. I thought he was going to shoot the Zapata National Course …

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