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Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2014’

The first upgrades to the 521vx are done…..300 War pigs

I have been buying upgrades here and there for the boat when good deals happen my way. Scott Martin hooked me up with a great deal on a Bob’s hydraulic jackplate…….Universal Mania has some great Bird deals and I went with a 959 Humminbird for the bow…..and I recently bought a new Terrova as well from the fishing forums. Unfortunately …

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A great day of fishing followed by….

A straight up beat down on the golf course at the hands of Tommy and James. No sense sugar coating it….I got taken to the woodshed. The worst part about all this? There is a photo of the scorecard floating around cyberspace. Mr. Camera camera got me…….I knew I should of gone fishing again.

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Falcon is fishing really, really good right now. Didn’t take me long to figure that out this afternoon. On one hump I caught fish on 17 consecutive casts. (minus a backlash in the middle…lol) I fished for about 4 hours and caught 37 fish. The only thing to really complain about was the quality. I didn’t catch any super dinks, …

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Bought the new hard copy Calendar tonight……

Out with the old…..   In with the new…….(girls picked out the new color)   I always look forward to buying a new calendar every year at this time…..something about that clean slate and getting to mark it up for the first time is fun. Here is a look at a busy July:   August through December are wiiiiiiide open. …

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It’s throw back Thursday on FB!

http//   **************************************************   I will be guiding a couple of days next week here on Falcon. It’s been 1 or 9  days since I have been on the pond, but I will correct that this weekend and I’ll post what I find. The water is still coming up and it looks like we are gonna gain about 5 ft …

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Music Video Monday returns! and a look at the graph

Zapata itself has gotten very little rain with a sprinkle here and there, but West and North of us? A bit more than a sprinkle and it’s showing up in our water levels. The next week ahead holds a lot of promise for more rains……fingers are certainly crossed. Check out the latest water level graph.     The Jefferson’s don’t …

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Falcon is on the move…..

…..and more importantly not moving down. Here is a link. If you’re coming down, head south of marker 7. The north end will be chocolate milk making catching fish a tough chore to say the least. Jay

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Much like in baseball an 0-4 on Walrus bites ain’t a Hall of Fame day on the water. I was the culprit on two of those bites as well. If we just boat one or two of those bites it turns a below average day into a dang good one…….but if “ifs and buts were pralines and nuts it would be …

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Falcon Lake Tackle trip and schedule update

I haven’t written in what seems like 6 years…….but it’s been 6 days. I have a trip on the books for Saturday and it’s the freebee that I gave out for the Falcon Lake Tackle fishing tournament. I am looking forward to getting out there and showing Fernando a good time and hopefully catch a Walrus or two in the process. …

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Sorry about the late post……

Had some friends in town and had an adult beverage or two last night. Not even my Mom’s proof reading would of saved that post… Yesterday started out painfully slow….like 3 fish in 4 hours slow and not a lot of bites of any sorts, but we certainly ended with a bang and Denim got himself a USDA choice Walrus …

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