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Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2014’

Family day on Falcon Lake

Well I took the girlies down to the State Park and we checked out the butterfly garden. Girls loved it and I have to admit I had a dang good time too. For whatever reason our butterfly hatches are down this year so far, but we still saw plenty of really cool butterflies. You can find plenty of pics on …

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The fishing was S_ _ _ _ Y today on Falcon Lake

I don’t think you need a Masters Degree in Wheel of Fortune to figure that word out. Buying a vowel not needed. I really thought Elmo and I were gonna SMACK em today. We stayed primarily on the North end of the lake because Elmo had to leave before noon. Good grief the North end up here was an absolute struggle. Did …

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Elmo’s back! Round three on the books for tomorrow

Always great to get that phone call from Elmo. We are gonna be able to run the lake and hit some great water that has had about 36 hours or so of very calm wind on it. I don’t want to jinx us, but I really think tomorrow could get silly.     Jay  

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Memorial Day

I am going to bypass the Music Video Monday selection and instead replace it with a link to a story I read a few years back. I am sure many of you have seen this, but if you have not here it is. Read the Story Behind the Image Here I think about that image more than I would like …

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Biiiiiig API tournament looming

This is an open tournament this go around and should have some big money up for grabs. I finished 3rd at an API event on Amistad a couple years back….. They put on one heck of an event. I am open all of next week including the weekend. If you want a leg up on the competition give me a …

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Wind cut us a break….

….and we were able to hit some prime spots that had not been fished in some time. Wish I could say we whacked a bunch of walruses, but I can’t. We fished a half day today as they got on the road to make it back home at a reasonable time. Always a good time seeing Landon and his Dad……Clyde …

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A good time was certainly had…..

Brutal wind? check……hot and heavy action at times? check……beyond boring at times? check……quality still lacking? check   Great time with Lambo, David and Phil….errrrrr eh I mean Clyde. CHECK   “check” out some of the play by play today on Facebook and while you’re at it hit the “like” for highstakesbassin. To the link:   Jay  

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Does this shirt make my BASS look big?

Landon is back in Zapata and hopefully with his lucky shirt in tow. His dad David and friend Phil are in town as well…..last time Phil was here he did his fair share of whacking walruses as well. …..and before you start feeling bad for David….. He’s no stranger to a Walrus hunt. I talked to David last night and warned …

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A belated Music Video Monday #20! This song makes me laugh every time…lol.   ************************************************************* And speaking of fuzzy……..I am a little more than “fuzzy” on where the heck my walruses went to. I don’t think I have ever caught so many fish in two days without at least having one single Wendy Walrus bite. I mean come on…..I know about …

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Falcon Lake pumping out fish

That fish is a prime example of the quality. It just isn’t there when the wind blows 30 mph……If I have to fish secondary creek points to stay out of the wind this is what we are going to catch more than likely. The big girls (for me at least) are in the trees along the main lake. Main lake …

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