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Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2014’

A better day

Pat and Mike were with me today and we caught more than 3 fish…….11 to be exact with a 6.21 kicker caught by Mike. My deep offshore bite has all, but vanished. It’s very strange to say the least. My offshore stuff normally catches fire when they starting yanking water and speaking of yanking water. Check out the graphs below. …

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A 3 fish day

Wow……..I would not have minded if the quality was there, but a dink, a 3 lber, and a 5.46 later. ugh. My best offshore honey wasn’t full of honey today, but rather a big hot steamer.     Back at it tomorrow.   Jay  

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I thought we were in for a 60 fish day, but…..

……we caught 11 and I don’t think any would of hit 4 pounds. At our first stop of the day we got bit, had a fish on, or boated a fish damn near every single cast for about 30 minutes. The Mag Fluke was once again silly. Then the wind picked up and pinned us into one small area and …

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Giving the site a face lift

I have purged the old photos in the Big Bass Gallery and replace them with new pics! Check em out.   The Falcon Wall of Fame will never be deleted, but just added on to. (hopefully soon! lol)   More changes are in the works so keep an eye out and hope you enjoy.   ******************************************************************************** Mr. Jim …

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Last day with the folks and Mom goes out in style!

What a fun day with the parents. Mom hasn’t fished in over a year so it was great to get her out there finally. We launched on the North end of the lake and ran the whole lake and then some. I knew it was gonna be hot and wanted to keep the air conditioning running for them……lol. We didn’t …

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Gonna come clean….

I beat up Falcon Lake harder than anyone. I am certainly it’s biggest critic. Time for me to come on here and tell you that Falcon is fishing A LOT better of late. There I said it and I sure hope this action continues into the summer and fall. This is fun people. Some classic Falcon Lake lure are kicking …

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A day off the water and a photo shoot for the website.

Dad’s back was acting up so we decided to play it safe and lay low. I decided to spit shine the boats and put together a pic of Team Highstakesbassin for the new look front page that Dan the man will be putting together this weekend. Here is a sneak peek……..and a big thanks to Mrs. Susan for braving the …

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1 for 3…..Some pics of the new ride…..New rates

Dad and I went 1 for 3 today on Walrus bites. We both got beat once and Dad boated a beeeeeeeeauty. Dad and I fished in the afternoon after getting all the Texas Registration done here in Zapata. We only grabbed 3 rods and a hand full of mag flukes. We couldn’t have had a better time with our old …

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Music Video Monday #16

Falcon Lake continues to fish better than it has in months. My Dad lost a beast of a fish today. We didn’t get a look at it until it came unglued. She came to the top and flopped around to add salt to the wound. My folks will be here until the weekend and I can only hope Pops gets …

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A fun day of tourney prep with Jerry and Logan

I don’t normally catch a lot of fish with my tourney guys, but we caught fish today nearly at every stop. Logan caught one in the 6 lb range early on a crankbait and Jerry caught our kicker that went 7.04. (pictured) I thought she was gonna be a hair over 6 lbs, but Jerry called her 7. Soooooo I …

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