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Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2014’

Falcon Lake: Star Wars Edition

Not even the force could save Luke today. Luke’s brother Adam came down to visit him for a few days and was determined to go tangle with Falcon for a few hours.         Yeah…….didn’t go well.¬†We put a half of a day in the books with 3 bites and ZERO boated fish.   I had a great …

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4 bites and 1 boated fish…..

….she went 5.73 and Dustin was the hero on this day. I was staring down my 3rd skunk of 2014 until he reeled in this post spawn beauty.     I am back at it with some Pennsylvania boys tomorrow and then Lil Miss Mother Nature is going to do her thing Sunday.   Jay

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7 bites and 5 boated fish

I sure do appreciate Travis and Dustin coming down. They don’t live far away and certainly could of easily canceled, but they decided to come down and give it heck with me. The day started out pretty dang good with Travis connecting on a 6 ish lber right of the bat on a crankbait in a creek channel. We did …

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Dr. J scores!!!!!!

  No no no no…….not that Dr. J…..THIS Dr. J       I know what you’re thinking…..dang Jay that doesn’t look like a slam dunk!… Well, you’re right it’s more of a free throw. But at this stage of the game I’ll take as many free throws as I can get. Right now there is no such thing as …

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The current state of Falcon Lake and Music Video Monday number 9!

Here we are March 3rd and we are getting pummeled by yet another arctic blast. The fishing is as bad right now as I have ever seen it. A lot of folks are calling me, emailing, texting, etc. asking what is going on. Number one, I am not a marine biologists and while I could spew a bunch of convincing …

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2 bites and zero boated fish (forgot to hit publish again)

There ya have it. My boats second skunk of 2014. Not much in the way of excuses…… Weather was great, but could not get on em today. I am staying off the water tomorrow. Another arctic blast heading our way. Jay

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Super Cindy takes the day off…..

….I feel pretty bad about Cindy not joining us today. She fished like a lady possessed yesterday, heck she wore me out and I wasn’t the one casting and cranking. The wind was brutal early yesterday and the sun I think finished her off in the afternoon. Like I said she didn’t stop casting until I said it was quitting …

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