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Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2014’

My Boyzz from Illinoizz and Texas Boat World here I come…..

Vaughn and the Good Doctor had a fun trip between the Longhorn, golf course, Aqua, and a few moments of glory on Falcon. (and trust me…..I mean few) Here’s Doc with his 5 and a half pounder from today.       These fellas fished for about 3 hours today before they headed to the airport. Thanks men.   **************************************************************** …

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Beautiful day in paradise…..Music Video Monday #11

Like the title says… was just an incredibly beautiful day with two of my best shipmates. No excuses from me today……I wasn’t able to put em in position to make magic happen. I will be back at it tomorrow with these two Falcon Lake studs.       ********************************************************************* MVM #11 Charlie   Jay

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Wind will be stroooong *****UPDATE*****

Updates in a few ********************************** Yeah the weather was nothing short of terrible this morning. It didn’t stop these fellas from having a good time though. Doc bought 6 Jo Baby’s at FLT and won himself a free shot of Gentlemen Jack……life was good.   We did battle the elements for a few hours today and Doc once again had …

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DOCTOR, DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jason has a big day

Jason has a personal best of 9 lbs. We didn’t beat that today, but boy did we give it a heck of scare.       That fish went 8.73 pounds. The story behind this fish is pretty funny. I chucked my spinnerbait out there and BAM! Big girl……I let out a lil girlish squeal aaaaaand she comes unglued. @#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. …

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Tommy and I hit the lake bright and early today and……..

…….   It certainly didn’t take Tommy long to jump on me quick… Like second cast quick.     This morning had nothing to do with play. It was all business. Our goal was simple. Run and check water for you all out there. We fished for maybe 2 hours and spent a good bit of time driving, graphing, and …

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Edmund Burke

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”   –Edmund Burke     The quote above was used by my father’s late Uncle Benny in a newspaper article written by him many many years ago. My dad still has that newspaper clipping on his bookshelf to this day. That quote has been …

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Elmo returns……The Z522……Texas Boat World

I told Elmo that we were gonna run and gun today…….and by golly we did.   Today’s stats: 7 bites 3 boated fish 6ish pounder caught by me who knows how many gallons of gas……A LOT   Check out the fish below…….no gar problems here.   ********************************************************** Well as many of you know I have had one heck of time …

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Elmo says and Music Video Monday #10

……I don’t give a BLEEP I’m coming down! I called Elmo a few days back and told him just how bad the fishing was. He decided to postpone his return trip and again I certainly couldn’t blame him. Well……just got off the phone with Elmo and we are going to go give heck tomorrow and let the chips fall where …

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Fronts, fronts, everywhere a front….. do this, don’t do that……can’t you feel the fronts?

Nothing like a lil Five Man Electric Band reference. Mo Nature hit hard again today and tomorrow doesn’t look much better to be honest. Starting Tuesday I will be back at it, but not with clients. I have had Tuesday and Wednesday booked I believe 4 separate times, but the cancellation bug is out and it’s biting. I can certainly …

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