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Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2013’

Another tough day…..small fish crazy and another dead Iphone.

We caught fish again today and yet again the small fish were active.  We got one Walrus and unfortunately it was me that hooked into it.  Dumb luck… hit just like the other dinks and I reached back and set the hook into big girl.  I could have thrown my rod in the water at that point.  These fellas worked hard …

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I didn’t get it done today….

What a beautiful day. I hit every spot to my name on the South end of the lake and could not dodge the small fish spot after spot after spot. We tried 2 ft to 20ft and everything in between. Our first fish of the day was a nice 5 lber for Ricky…….after that? 0.15 to 2 lbs…..I’m serious. I …

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Schedule update:

Here is the latest look at June and July.  Drop me a line if ya need a few dates!       *****************************   Back to work tomorrow.  I have a father/son duo for the next two days.  I am looking forward to having less than 30 mph winds to deal with.   Jay    

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4 day recap…..

Been a busy 4 days around here. The fishing is still pretty good, but (and its a big BUT) we are having to work a lot harder of late for what we are getting. Are we still getting 3 to 5 big bites a day? sure……but the 15 to 20 five pound fish and better days are not happening right …

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Going to be a busy holiday weekend

I am working the next 4 days. It should be very busy around here and with good reason. The fishing remains pretty dag gone good most days. I will not be posting any reports until Tuesday night. I plan on posting somewhat of a recap from the holiday weekend. ******************** I also want to wish my best friend a happy …

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A record has fallen…..

…….drum roll please…….     Brian shattered the old record of 4 catfish caught in a single trip. He single handily took down that mark on his own by landing 5, yes 5 cats. LOL. What a straight up crazy day. The wind forecast last night called for 28 mph wind gusts. Sooooooo I made the call to launch South. …

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Another dang good day…….

…..but boy did I screw up. We got on some nice fish right off the bat. Clay had just lost an 8 lb class fish and I boated an 8.66. Clay then boated a 7.68. I weighed the fish and threw it back into the water. Do you see a step missing here? Yeah I forgot to take a picture …

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An end to a busy weekend here on Falcon….

It was a challenging weekend to guide on for sure. I have not seen this many boats on Falcon in some time and to be honest I don’t blame the folks for coming……I would drive 27 hours if I had to. The fishing is good…..nuff said. The wind was also just brutal…..did we still catch fish and have some great …

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Starting to develope a taste for……

  Second day in a row. We were 0-2 on walrus bites. Our biggest boated fish was roughly 6 lbs. We caught a lot of 3-5 lb fish especially early…..the afternoon was a straight up grind. I used up about 95% of my tm batteries……the wind was brutal and I tried to fish a few main lake areas in the …

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Today was pretty slow…..thankfully we had Lambo

  No, no, no……not that Lambo……..   This Lambo….     This just in…….the shirt doesn’t have anything to do with making that fish look big……lol. It tipped the scales at 9.02. It was big. We only had 3 walruses on today and unfortunately boated just the one pictured above. We battled today folks. We caught 22 fish with 19….yes, …

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