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Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2013’

Mom I am trying…….

Think positive thoughts…..think positive thoughts……     Chapter 1 Falcon Lake SUCKS!!!!!!!!   Crap………had a relapse, Sorry Mom.   We caught 5 fish today, with Dustin’s 7 lb 2 oz beauty being our kicker. Folks don’t ask me why anymore……I am truly out of excuses and I have used them all. You know what I think of excuses too. Today? …

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Ed and I go for broke…..

…..and for the first 5 hours we weren’t worth a plug nickel. I took Ed to my number 1 spot and we fished it for over 4 hours without so much as a bump. I have never not even one time gone here and not at least boated a fish. Not once, until today that is. I would like to …

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A BEEEEEEEautiful day on Falcon Lake with Leon and Larry

Boy did we catch a spectacular day to be alive on Falcon Lake.  There are a couple of boats in this party and they hired me for the weekend.  They have been on their own the last two days and will be on their own again starting on Monday.  My goal today was to give them as many quality options to …

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Mike and Mike’s last day…….Tony and I put in overtime.

Took out Mike and Mike for round two and made an attempt to break the 9-7 mark from yesterday, but we didn’t come close.  We didn’t have one single big bite today.  The amazing part?  We fished nothing but big bite spots……gotta love the Falcon Rollercoaster.  I enjoyed my time with these two fine men regardless.  Mike and Mike are …

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Mike and Mike in the Morning!

    NO, NO, NO……not that Mike and Mike.     This Mike and Mike.   This was a father son duo today and man did we have a great time out there. Hey Mom! I am not going to talk about the first 5 hours. (they were terrible) The Last 3 hours on the other hand were a whack …

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A fun relaxing day on the water with Gary…….Mom’s pep talk

  ….NO, NO, NO, not that Gary……   This Gary…     Gary caught several fish like the one above today. (3 to 4.5 lb range) He also managed a very nice 6 lb 4 oz beauty for our kicker fish of the day. We could have had a VERY good day, but…….   This guy….   Turned me into …

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Only want to see PURPLE WORM, purple worm only wanna see a purple worm

  oooooops that’s Purple Rain.   Here is Bruce’s purple worm…….hahahaha   Bruce had it going on……even rocking the purple sinker.   Fishing sucked, but what else is new? I had a blast with these two gentlemen though. I love taking father/son duos like this. Reminds me of my ole man and I…….memories of Big O, Stick Marsh, Toho, Choke …

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Do you see anything wrong with…….

…….   Grrrrrrrreat way to start the week, waking up to WTF are you still doing in bed. UGHHHHHH! After the 15 minute delay we hit the water and didn’t have anymore stupid moments by me thankfully. We fished shallow A LOT today. Sooooooo many people are reporting successful catches on the bank with spinnerbaits, squarebills, and trigs all of …

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A great day off to recharge the batteries for…..

….an 11 day run of trips starting tomorrow.  The girls had a dance recital today at the church party hall.  You wanna talk about a good time had by all.  The Zapata community is flat-out awesome.     Sierra far left….Madison far right.   Have a great week everyone.     Jay

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Looking forward to a frrrrrresh start to the week.

Strange, goofy week on the water.  Just when I thought I had it figured out and pinned down, we catch 6 fish today with nothing bigger than three in a half pounds.  Crazy stuff.  We stayed shallow today and did the flipping gig.  We started out hot with 3 fish in the first 30 minutes and we ended hot with …

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