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Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2013’

A bass named Pepe and a cat named Lucky……PRIME TIME dates just opened up.

Today was Kelly’s turn to scratch off a Falcon lottery ticket aaaaaaaaand he will be buying another tomorrow. lol. The weather was nothing short of terrible to start out the day. I was pinned down to basically one area until noon. Then the wind laid down and we moved around and got some bites. Kelly boated our first bass around …

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Yesterday was the sequel to Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man……today?

The sequel to…….   Here is a pictorial timeline for my main man Van.   Life is good and we are on the board right off the bat…..Vaughn is living large.   Bite begins to slow…..   Vaughn Goes to the cooler and!!!!!!……….     DOWN GOES FRAZIER, DOWN GOES FRAVAUGHN!!!!!!!!       Mr. Camera with the first look …

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Sequel to Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man: Falcon Edition

Move over Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke           Buddy Select and The Miller Light Man       I had these fellas yesterday and we barely kicked ole Pepe Le Pew out of the boat. Today on the other hand was a damn good day by current lake standards and heck I even caught a couple. I …

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Staring down a skunk and trying not to blink

I have had the meanest, most badass skunk harassing my clients and I the past several weeks. He just won’t give up and leave me alone. Luckily he has yet to win, but damn he is one tough SOB. I am back at it today and hope to have a report up sooner than the following day…lol. The Mrs. had …

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We didn’t get snowed on

That is about where the good news stops…, oh and I didn’t bury the Bullet in 40 foot of water either. I made the decision to fight the wind head on all day and didn’t seek protection. My trolling motor lasted until 1:15. I am severely handicap when I am in that boat if the wind blows like it did …

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High Stakes Bassin 2012 – a year in review.

I feel like this is a college midterm and don’t know where to start….lol.   January –  January started out like a house of fire catching one big fish after another and mainly in Salado, Diablo, School Bus, and Pierces Cove.  I avoided the circus down south like the plague for the most part.  I looked at every ditch, drain, tree or …

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38 degrees and rain…….

Yeah today was a battle of wills. Mike and Theo are from Wisconsin. They told me weather like this to them was a normal spring day on the water. Any questions why I moved as FAAAARRRRRRRRRRR South as I could? Give me 108 degrees everyday all day. Thanks in advance. We put in a full day and fought Falcon and …

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Bullet + wind + waves =

not a lot of fun.  I made a poor decision to start the day.  The wind was up right off the bat and I tried to make it to a main lake spot and decided to call off the dogs and hit a ledge that was still main lake, but a lot closer.  I should have headed straight for some protected …

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