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After getting up this morning with a massive headache and a neck like the tin man I decided to move today’s client back to tomorrow. Hopefully the winds will be a little more manageable. I just can’t be stupid at this stage of my recovery. When my body says no I have to listen. My clients did pretty good on …

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35+mph winds and the state park

Well took out burl and his friend jerry today for a falcon lake guide trip. We launched from the temporary ramp at the park and I would not advise it. Tight does not begin to describe it, but will be doing it again tomorrow because of 30+ mph wind gusts round 2. They should be moving that ramp to the …

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Burl is back

Had the day off today and headed down to the state park to check out the temporary metal ramp they put in. The ramp is at the end of the channel on a mud bank. I used that mud bank a couple of weeks ago and had no issues. Now I am a little more concerned. The metal that is …

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Round two….

We caught another spectacular day again. We started out like a house of fire and then the hardhat was not an option it was a requirement….. Lol. Ole Colten has himself one heck of father and the good thing is, I really think he understands that. There is nothing better than taking out a father and his kid. Good news …

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Billy, Colten, and a flying squirrel… Round 1.

What a fantastic day in regards to the weather. Perfect amount of wind. Colten caught the 3 biggest fish of the day with a 6-3, 6-1, and 5 plus. Most of our fish were in that 1-4 lb range. We fished deep pretty much all day. The three jackpot spots I found before my vacation only produced a few small …

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10 years in the books…..

I’ve said it once I’ll say it a thousand more. Nobody deserves the life that I have lived. Blessed doesn’t begin to describe it. Tomorrow is a drive day and then back to work. Watch out falcon walruses.

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Shamu, sea lions and a walrus….

….sorry not a Falcon Walrus, but a Sea World walrus. Day 1 of sea world is in the books and now we are heading into Fogo de Chao for a lil Brazilian feast. Great day and I have a feeling that none of us will have a hard time sleeping tonight. Part 2 tomorrow, bright and early. 10 year anniversary …

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Remember the……

Great 1st day of family vacation. Got to see the Alamo for the first time…….the river walk here in San Antonio is an amazing area to say the least. Next up, sea world.

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A livewell surprise and Paydirt.

Well I spent 5 hrs today mapping and scanning. I covered a lot of great looking water with minimal results. I did however find two spots that were nothing short of spectacular. Spots that you live for. 10 lb’er? Yes. 40 lb sack? Awful close if it wasn’t. Great story on the 10 pounder. (first since June that was boated) …

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No show, health, family vacation, and new Website progress….

Well the no show bug strikes again.  I had a two day trip on the books for today and tomorrow that looks like I am going to have to eat.  I could of filled Tuesday which really sucks, but to be honest it was my fault for not keeping up with the deposits and making sure that they had sent theirs …

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